How Many Coronavirus in India

Since the past few months coronavirus infection has been spreading all over the world and now it has come to India. A man named karan singh who was 76-year old man became the first person in india to get affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

He was dealing with health officials since the past few months and his family was coronavirus scare. But he had a hope to live and beat the disease his friends were there for him since the beginning,But unfortunately he passed away just like the other 80 cases which were found in the country. Over 70 cases were tested positive for coronavirus which is a good thing and people are happy with gym,malls and cinema halls shut down in 5 cities of the state.

Confirmed coronavirus cases

recently another case was confirmed by doctors and this case was found in south india, kerala It was a woman named aisha sharma was in very critical condition and was dealing with coronavirus and passed away a few days ago.It’s heartbreaking to see and hear these kinds of news on daily basis and other people are very supportive to coronavirus patients.

Indians are terribly scared and worried for their life because of this dangerous disease many malls,shops,theaters and parks are closed by the order of state governments. India’s government has confirmed cases 81 so far this is the reason that 1.2 billion indians are in fear And 1.2 billion indians are praying to their different  gods because india is known for its brotherhood. 

Flights To Italy and France are Cancelled 

Thousands of people lost their time and money and flights got cancelled because of the coronavirus . It left people sadly this has never happened. In the travel history this has never ever happened people were frustrated but couldn’t do anything because it was an union health ministry to keep the people safe and healthy but many people were mad and lost their money all the working stuff at the airport were disappointed as well.

Many people were scared that they have been affected by coronavirus and when they went to the doctors and was declared safe and sound so, what i’m trying to say is that many people are nervous whether they have a coronavirus or not so don’t be nervous be confident and hope for the best and pray to god and also 81 cases have been reported so far. This is why people are getting worried and thinking that they could be the next target of coronavirus.

Many people are living in fear now a days and now health minister are worried how to take this disease away from the country because they want to keep us safe and sound they want to take care of 1.2 billion people all together they understand that they have higher responsibility now a days the whole world’s health ministers are working hard to cure it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India’s prime minister is way too worried now a days since this disease has come to india he’s been discussing the matter with the health minister and trying to find it’s solution on how to cure this dangerous disease people have been writing open letters.

Latest updates that we have now is that coronavirus has reached mumbai it’s known to be the biggest city in india and people of Mumbai live a high lifestyle and in this kind of lifestyle it gives a higher chance to be ill.

India suspended all the existing tourist visas by the order of the health ministry because coronavirus deaths are increasing day by day and also cricket got rescheduled. It was a match between India and South Africa. People were way too excited for this match but it got called off by the officials.

Because players’ health are more important than anything else and players from both sides were agreed and satisfied by the officials’ decision everybody understands the situation which is going on nowadays we need to put our health first because health is more important than wealth.  

What is Coronavirus (covid-19 cases)

So the spread of covid-19 is on high rise now and I feel like there’s something we need to talk about all right so I just got back home today and my final day work this week was to talk about something I’ve been putting off for a while now I am NOT an

expert in infectious disease or epidemiology by any stretch of the imagination that is not my forte but I am a physician with 8 years of experiences as a recent event today I do feel more compelled to say that I don’t think the United States is quite ready or quite prepared to handle everything that’s about to come in terms of the dangerous Cova 19 not a virus I don’t mean to scare anybody, I just don’t think we truly have a grasp on what is going to happen.

A lot of things have unfolded today tons of clinics are closing schools are closing outpatient facilities are closing non-emergent procedural areas are closing we are rescheduling outpatient procedures or may be non-emergent up to 95 days now. We have many more officially locked away all of our personal protective equipment or PPE there is an office that no one has access to and we allow masks. Protective equipment at a certain given time and that is because people will steal them in the hospital.

You don’t want to say this kind of a public service announcement is done

not steal maps from health care workers or hospitals if you are visiting there or what not health care workers need these masks to take care of not only the novel coronavirus patients but also other sick patients as well and if we don’t have this equipment we can’t do our job and take care of many more patients in the safe manner(precautionary measure) you know again I’m not trying to just scare anybody but I just don’t think we are well prepared.

I think we are going to be reactive instead of proactive like we should have been. We have been warned by the Chinese we have been further warned by the Italian physicians in Italian critical care physicians.who basically have told us to get ready and we have it. I worked at a very large academic institution. 

Tertiary hospital and we still don’t have tests for the virus so we still to this day don’t know exactly how many people are walking around with this virus or how many people have been exposed we have no idea so I think once our tests become available in my state I think the numbers of coronavirus patients will skyrocket exponentially to all the health care workers out there keep being safe wash your hands wear masks and PPE.

whenever you can or whenever you’re around isolated patients, this is not a joke anymore it is a serious matter and for those who think that you’re young and nothing’s gonna happen to you if you get affected. probably true statistics say that the minor illness and move on however that’s being a little bit irresponsible. because when you are young and infected and carrying a very contagious disease.

anybody along your path or anybody you elderly a patient who is immunocompromised. who is immunosuppressed or any of the above and let’s not forget I mean you may come in contact with you know thirty years old with cystic fibrosis or a 25-year-old. who is on immunomodulatory drugs for their Crohn’s disease and these patients can be immunosuppressed or can have really poor outcomes. if they are exposed to this virus a cystic fibrosis patient over the edge very quickly.

it is not a joke so please wash your hands if you are exposed to the virus do not go anywhere quarantine yourself follow the rules follow the guidelines you do not want to spread this virus to people who can be affected very poorly by it.

I don’t want to be the dead horse because so many people have talked about this before but I feel like I should do my part as a physician and give this kind of public service announcement idea I’m not trying to scare anybody. I’m just trying to form people and make them a little more aware.